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Hi, I'm Malika Bagai.

I am the Chelsea Money Coach, a Wealth Creation Specialist.

I will guide you and coach you to your financial success!

Are you ready for my Wealth Creation Master Plan?


Who are your money emotion influencers?

Do you have debts?

Do you live in clutter or vagueness?

Do you feel like an ostrich with its head in the sand afraid to see what's really going on?

Do you not know where your money goes and fall short at the end of the month with pressure to pay bills?


Imagine a Greek Temple of the Gods with 7 pillars of Abundance and the Roof being Visions, Dreams and Goals.

Where do you stand?

What does the Roof of your Temple look like? What are your Visions, Dreams and Goals? What do you want from this precious life? Are you happy?

I walk you through the 7 pillars of my Wealth Creation Master Plan and hold your hand every step of the way.

Pillar 1

The Clarity Pillar
This is the Blueprint of the entire programme. Money Clarity is the key to attracting money to you like a magnet.

Pillar 2

The Rescue Pillar
We assess and plan clearing your debts, leaving you in a powerful position with your credit rating.

Pillar 3

The Freedom Pillar
Do you have assets and investments? As you build long-term growth, I teach you my risk management formula.

Pillar 4

The Time Traveller
Become Time Rich to do the things you love towards your Visions and Dreams.

Pillar 5

The Entrepreneur’s Wealth Creation Pillar
If you are in start up or business expansion phase, I will go through a wealth creation plan tailored to your needs.

Pillar 6

The Emotional Wealth Creation Pillar
Change your money story. Clear your negative influences. Life is for happiness and joy. The more inspired you feel, the more money you create.

Pillar 7

The Alchemy of Currency Pillar
Understand how the Energy of Money and Creative Flow work.


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